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Commercial Refrigeration Installation

Commercial refrigeration service is needed in multiple businesses. From grocery stores to florists, keeping the product cool is essential for a growing business. That’s where our commercial refrigeration installation can help make the process of receiving one of these units simple.

Here at Southern Air & Refrigeration, Co., we specialize in commercial refrigeration as well as refrigeration repair for the tough fixes. Installation is a main priority, as seeing what works and what doesn’t in your establishment will determine which refrigeration equipment to use. Our experts in the field will be sure to give you the best advice for the next step in your business. This will give you the right product with the right fit.

We also offer portable refrigeration rentals for special occasions or events. For the big events that require a lot of cooling, we have the refrigeration to do it. If you’re looking for refrigeration repair or refrigeration services, contact Southern Air & Refrigeration, Co. in Benton, AR today for some of the best guaranteed service around.